Self-love coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming and empowerment coaching for men.

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At Giant Feats, we are committed that you produce extraordinary results. 

Whatever you are out to achieve and whatever challenges you face, we are dedicated that you dream bigger and live a life without limits. With our unwavering guidance and support, you will achieve incredible feats. You will overcome the reasons that have held you back in the past, and conquer the thoughts preventing you from living the life of your dreams.

You will gaze forward into your future with wide-eyed wonder as you tackle the challenges of life with tenacity and confidence. You will look around to discover yourself being the kind of leader that people will instinctively follow.


Finding the love of your life?

Becoming abundant and financially free?

Being truly happy and fulfilled?

Achieving a nourishing work-life balance?

Being powerful & unlimited in each & every moment?

Sign up today for a free 60 minute chemistry session where you will:

Create a crystal clear vision of the future that you want to live into.

Uncover hidden challenges that could be sabotaging your success.

Leave the session renewed, re-energised and inspired.

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Bradley Wescott is a certified I Love You, Me self-love coach and NLP practitioner who specialises in empowering men to create loving, intimate, and passionate relationships.

Having embarked upon his own transformational journey, following a lifelong struggle with dysfunctional and unsuccessful relationships, Bradley decided to retrain as a coach and utilise over a decades' worth of teaching experience by helping others overcome their own codependency issues....

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