A Vision of the Future - Part 2

We all have an idea of the life that we dream of living, so why are we generally so ineffective at creating the life we want for ourselves?

If you ask a small child what they want to be when they grow up they say something awesome like, "I want to be an astronaut" or a "superhero," or a "princess."  They then spend time in their visualizations of the future playing and pretending to be those things. However, as they go through life, events that take place start to shape and alter that vision of the future. 

Let's look at an example of this. Imagine you are a child. You're at school and the teacher asks a question "What is 6 x 3?" You put your hand up and answer the question with confidence "21." As the teacher corrects you (the actual answer is 18) the whole class looks at you and laughs.  You feel hot with the feelings of embarrassment and shame, in your head you imagine what they must be thinking about you and at that moment you make a decision. "I'm not clever."

From that moment on this is how you live your life.  The context "I'm not clever" becomes the cloud that stops you from seeing your vision of the future. You don't give your best at educational attainment because inside the world of "I'm not clever" there doesn't seem much point, after all, you know that you will probably fail anyway.  And then, when you take your exams and you don't do that well, you look at your results and repeat to yourself "I'm not clever." The below-par exam results are all the evidence that you've been looking for to back up the story that you're telling yourself. 

And then, when you don't get the top jobs that want because you don't have the grades that you needed, and you don't earn the kind of money that you would like, or you fail in your attempts to start a business, you justify the situation by telling yourself it's because "I'm not clever." 

Now, everyone has a different set of experiences and this is only a hypothetical example, but every single person in the world, without exception, are running stories based upon past events.  You may be reading this now and seeing for yourself a story that you are telling yourself. Whatever the story is, one thing that is certain is that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that limits what is possible for you.

My job as a coach is to get people present to these stories. They manifest in a number of ways in our life. We cleverly disguise them with our reasons and excuses, and then we say things like "I can't do this because...." These reasons seem logical to us and so we never get to the bottom of where they come from. They keep us trapped safely behind the walls of our comfort zone. 

Once we start to see these stories and their genesis we can start to assess the impact that these stories have on our lives. We see how they restrict and limit us, they keep us small and repressed and create a life that is mediocre and acceptable. 

Once we see this, we are in the space from which transformation is possible. By using NLP techniques to reframe the past we give these decisive moments a new context. Over a period of time, we remove the clouds from the sky and can start to create the dream future we wish for ourselves.   

That is my commitment to every single one of my clients, we all have the ability to be exceptional and live a life that we authored. It is my passion in life to design their future with them and guide them as they bring it powerfully into reality

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