my story

What inspires me in life is to see the power of human beings in action and what is possible when people set out in search of their dreams.

To see them awaken and become giants. Through my own experience, I have learned that within each of us is the power to transform any situation. When we have the correct tools at our disposal, we can literally create any outcome from life that we choose and it is my life's work to bring these tools and ways of being to as many people as possible.

Transforming the Past

I've always believed that life is limitless. So when I looked at my life circumstances back in 2015, I did so with a sense of underwhelm and disenchantment. I found myself asking "Is this it? Is this what my life is going to be for?"

Everything in my life was okay. It was fine. I was running my own semi-successful private guitar teaching business and I was teaching as a qualified yoga instructor. But something inside me yearned for more, something to be proud of. Something to be inspired by.

I started asking myself questions. Why had I settled for this safe and limited existence? Why did I look at the success of others and think to myself "that is kind of thing that OTHER people do, not me"

Finally, one day, something shifted in me and I chose to take action to change the circumstances of my life. The experiences that followed led me to the powerful techniques of transformation that I harness, and share with others, today.

Having completed a period of intensive study and gaining a range of qualifications, I am now using NLP and other coaching techniques, to empower and enable other people in fulfilling their dreams.

Living Into my Vision of the Future  

It is my belief that you can't cause transformation in the lives of others until you have achieved this for yourself. 

Today, my life is unrecognisable from the one I left behind. I have developed unwavering self-confidence and self-belief, and I am living powerfully into a future that I have designed. 

I have an amazing relationship with the most beautiful woman that a man could wish for. On top of developing myself as a coach and setting up Giant Feats, I recently organised and ran Bubble Gun festival in Brighton, successfully raising a significant sum of money for the charity Non-Violence Foundation. This is a project that I am committed to developing and expanding globally.

The possibilities for my life are limitless, and I am committed that every person that I work with gets to experience life the way I do now.

Whatever you are out to achieve, whatever challenges you face it is my goal to have you deal with it powerfully, for you to experience yourself as the giant you are, and for you to have the life that you've always wanted.