At Giant Feats we specialise in empowering you as a leader in your life, so that you can operate consistently at peak performance. 

We Offer A Range Of Coaching Services:

Take Giant Strides And Thrive In Your New Role Or Career 

- Handle the next step on the career ladder with ease and assurity
- Be the kind of leader that inspires and empowers those around you
- Be proactive in surpassing expectations and exceeding targets
- Excel while enjoying a nourishing work/life balance 

Take Giant Strides And Thrive In Business And Project Start-Up

- Be unstoppable in causing your new venture to soar
- Overcome the challenges of project start-up with courage and confidence
- Develop unwavering self-belief in your ability to be successful
- Take action towards transcending financial forecasts 
- Enjoy peace of mind regardless of the circumstances

Take Giant Strides And Thrive As An Executive  

- Be powerful and decisive in the face of adversity
- Empower, enable and inspire those around you 
- Produce extraordinary results with ease
- Communicate with a whole new level of clarity and effectiveness 
- Experience yourself in a new dimension of integrity and efficiency
- Design a life that works in all areas

All coaching takes place on a one to one basis, either by telephone, Skype or face to face over a period of no less than 3 months.

In-between sessions, additional support and empowerment are provided either via text, email and/or WhatsApp voice note. Please note, replies will take anywhere up to 24 hours.

All payment is to be made upfront and is non-refundable.

All missed or cancelled sessions are to be charged at the full rate without exception.